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Cover of Chris Carder's CD "TRUST"

Chris Carder's newest release is available NOW from Too Much Records online. This is inspirational acoustic driven rock and roll straight from singer and song writer Chris Carder.

Album produced by
Mac Powell of Third Day.

Chris Carder album cover: Strange and Wonderful
Strange and Wonderful

Chris Carder's second release was hailed by critics and received much airplay in certain US markets. Great Georgia rock highlighting Chris Carder's song writing skills and amazing lyrics.

Produced by Chris and Mark Blackburn of Jacob's Trouble fame.

Too Much For Me cover by Chris Carder
Too Much For Me

Carder went into Twelve Oaks Studios and captured 10 songs that had already been popular among local fans. Songs from this album, such as "California Dreamer" and "You Can Call On Him" are still big hits and finding new life and new fans online. 

Album produced by  Chris and Sonny Lallerstedt.

Too Wrongs by Chris Carder
Current Single: Two Wrongs

Two Wrongs is a powerful song featuring the classic themes of rejection, alienation, hatred, wrong choices and their tragic outcome. It's a morality play set to music and an ageless tale as old as Cain and Abel and as current as the morning news. Chris Carder captures the inner struggles, horrific consequences, and violent results perfectly in this penetrating song.

Song written by Chris Carder

Chris Carder Single featured on hierchex
Hear: You Came Along

Chris Carder's song "You Came Along" has been featured and quite popular on heirchex. Click the image above to preview this upcoming release.

Song written by Chris Carder and Mac Powell.

Chris Carder Single - shoebox
Last Single: Shoebox

Chris Carder's last single from TRUST is called, "Shoebox" and it is still doing quite well online.  This great song of hope and recovery is still available on Too Much Records.

Song written by Chris Carder and Mac Powell.

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