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             Chris Carder's
     Strange and Wonderful

cover of Chris Carder's Strange and Wonderful

Chris Carder's second release was hailed by critics
and received much airplay in certain US markets.
Great Georgia rock highlighting Chris Carder's song
writing skills and amazining lyrics.

Produced by Chris Carder
and Mark Blackburn of Jacob's Trouble fame.

songs include:
  1. Dance For You  4:34
  2. Never Let You Go 3:52
  3. Strange And Wonderful 4:54
  4. Wise Thing To Do 4:33
  5. Life's Too Short 3:54
  6. Sing Your Song 6:19
  7. Help Me Jesus 4:05
  8. Anything 4:02
  9. All I Need 4:47
  10. Shoulda Been Me 3:42
  11. Someone Like Me 3:32
TMR saw mp3 releases... per song: $1.00 per album download: $11.00

Strange and Wonderful is currently only available for download online.
Formats available MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis.

You can preview and purchase songs right here
or you can visit Strange and Wonderful's preview and purchase page at Project Opus

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