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          Chris Carder's
        Too Much For Me

cover of Too Much for Me by Christopher Carder

Carder went into Twelve Oaks Studios
and captured 10 songs that had already
been popular among local fans. Songs
from this album, such as "California Dreamer"
and "You Can Call On Him" are still big
hits and finding new life and new fans online. 

Album produced by  Chris and Sonny Lallerstedt.

songs include:
  1. California Dreamer  4:07
  2. You Can Call On Him 4:00
  3. Too Much For Me 4:27
  4. What Kind of Love 3:38
  5. Old Man 4:43
  6. Lost in Your Love 5:08
  7. Mission Minded 4:15
  8. He Can 4:36
  9. Go! (A Day in Life) 5:33
  10. Thief 1:25
TMR saw mp3 releases... per song: $1.00 per album download: $10.00

more info coming (so watch this space)
but for now visit Chris Carder's preview and purchase page at Project Opus
where you can see the track listings, preview the songs in lo-fi, mono. You
can either buy singles that you like or the whole album: here

Re-issue CD release is coming soon. To be informed sign up for Carder's Newsletter

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